Sensors, Switches and Controllers

  • Actuators (4)
  • Cable with Connectors (2)
  • Converters (14)
  • Digital Control Programmer Model DCP (4)
  • Flame Safeguard Systems (18)
  • Gas Flow Measurement and Control (15)
  • Recorders (5)
  • Sensors (55)
  • Switches (12)
  • Temperature Controllers (20)

    • Actuators

      The Azbil line of pneumatic actuators consists of piston cylinders (single and double action) and the more popular diaphragm motors (single action). Piston cylinders are used for high-pressure valves and large-caliber valves requiring significant output and long strokes.

    • Cable with Connectors

      Azbil cables with connectors simplify switch wiring and project work. We offer a wide variety of connectors attached to cables. Also available are Quick-lock connectors that secure with a 1/8 turn of the lock ring, enabling significant reduction of wiring labor.

    • Converters

    • Digital Control Programmer Model DCP

      The DCP series are general purpose single and multi-loop controllers for regulating temperature, pressure, flow rate and commonly used in heat treating and furnace applications.

    • Flame Safeguard Systems

      Providing both safety and security, Azbil offers combustion safety and control systems that conform to international standards for combustion equipment, and burners.

    • Gas Flow Measurement and Control

      Azbil’s products with mass flow sensors provide gas flow measurement and control with quick response, low pressure drops, and wide measurement ranges.

    • Recorders

      Various types of recorders are available including ARF Paperless and SR chart (+SD cards) recorders. The ARF100/ARF200 series paperless recorders come equipped with various recording formats and display functions. The SR Series two-in-one hybrid recorders can record data on chart paper and in a digital format on an SD card at the same time, ready for field use.

    • Sensors

      Azbil offers a wide variety of sensors that meet a diverse range of needs. These include measurement sensors, photoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors, seismic sensors and more.

    • Switches

      Basic switches, limit switches, safety switches, explosion-proof and more, our offering includes a wide variety of switches and sensors that continuously meet a diverse range of needs.

    • Temperature Controllers

      We provide a diverse range of temperature controllers including the compact SDC Series and the NX series, which can be used for high speed and capacity applications and to tie instrumentation and sensors into the plant network and monitoring systems via Ethernet, EtherCAT and serial communication.