Sensors, Switches and Controllers

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  • Digital Control Programmers (4)
  • Flame Safeguard Systems (12)
  • Gas Flow Measurement and Control (12)
  • Micro Flow Liquid Flow Meters (2)
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  • Temperature Controllers (17)

    • Actuators

      The Azbil line of pneumatic actuators consists of piston cylinders (single and double action) and the more popular diaphragm motors (single action). Piston cylinders are used for high-pressure valves and large-caliber valves requiring significant output and long strokes.

      Azbil Model ECM3000 series of control motors are designed for various industrial equipment applications. Two models are available: 90° angular stroke for applications such as burner controls and 160 ° angular stroke for applications such as valve controls of hot and cold water or steam.

      The motors have a robust aluminum die-cast body. Splash-proof struct or IP54 or equivalent, superior to environment resistance Three kinds of control signal input types are available: relay contact, 4 to 20 mAdc, and potentiometer depending on the model. Three kinds of power supply voltage types are amiable: 24 Vac, 100 Vac, and 200 Vac. depending on the model. Additionally, a power supply unit applicable to a voltage range of 85 to 264 Vac is also available for the 4 to 20 mAdc input type. The Model EMC3000 contains a standard bracket accessory for retrofitting Azbil’s older motors. Input is selectable – 3 inputs types are available – relay, 4 to 20 mAdc, and potentiometer (according to the model No.). Long-life parts are used for the internal potentiometers and bearings of the motor. The 90° angular stroke motor type has a pointer to indicate the position of the rotating shaft and a rotating direction label. The motors have a pointer to indicate the position of the rotating shaft and a rotating direction label. Models with two auxiliary switches and open/close override functions are available. 24Vac models are CE-marked and cUL certified.

    • Cable with Connectors

      Azbil cables with connectors simplify switch wiring and project work. We offer a wide variety of connectors attached to cables. Also available are Quick-lock connectors that secure with a 1/8 turn of the lock ring, enabling significant reduction of wiring labor.

      Connector with Cable
      DC power supply, vinyl-insulated cord with high resistance to oil and vibration (UL/NFPA79 CM, CL3), cable length 2 m, 4 leads – 1: brown, 2: white, 3: blue, 4: black.

      Quick-lock Connector with Cable
      DC power supply, vinyl-insulated cord with high resistance to oil and vibration (UL/NFPA79 CM, CL3), cable length 2 m, 4 leads – 1: brown, 2: white, 3: blue, 4: black. Compatible with OMRON Smartclick connectors. Smartclick is a registered trademark of OMRON Corporation.

    • Converters

      Azbil Model CMC15G Multifunction Gateway Communication Controllers can connect to Azbil’s digital indicating controllers and flowmeters to host units, including PLCs from other manufacturers. The CMC15GD01A000 advanced model has a logging function. The logging functions (trend, data log, and event log) are helpful for analyzing device failures and carrying out maintenance. You can easily monitor or edit data in the dedicated log viewer. (Available separately)

      The Model CMC15G Multifunction Gateway Communication Controller has an RD-232C interface (1 channel), RS-485 interface (3 channels), a dedicated loader port for connection to PC, and A USB port. The controller is easy to set up – setting up simple communication parameters; data can be shared between devices, and instructions can be issued to a controller. Anyone can easily create applications using a dedicated PD application (gateway editor). Types of data, PLC register assignments, and execution timing can be freely set. This product provides flexibility for your system operations. For example, you can select communication cycles according to data update priorities or specific the offer of writing settings. The gateway editor, provided as a PC application, enables you to monitor communication between devices. This function is helpful for onsite adjustments and debugging, including checking the communication execution cycle and pinpointing errors in settings that cause communication problems.

    • Digital Control Programmers

      The Model DCP_ _ general-purpose single and multi-loop controllers for regulating temperature, pressure, and flow rate are commonly used in heat treating and furnace applications.

      The Model DCP31 digital controller is an advanced function programming controller supporting up to 19 program patterns (30 segments per program) and a variety of input types: thermocouple, resistance temperature detector (RTD), DC voltage, and DC current.

      The Model DCP31 supports extensive digital I/O functions including 3 event outputs, 5 time event outputs (optional), and 12 external switch inputs (8 optional). RS-485 communications and up to two auxiliary outputs can also be added as options. CE certified. For CUL certification status contact Azbil North America.

    • Flame Safeguard Systems

      Providing both safety and security, Azbil offers combustion safety and control systems that conform to international standards for combustion equipment and burners.

      Azbil Model: AUR300C is an Advanced Ultraviolet Burner Controller with a dynamic self-checking function, is used in combination with the Advanced Ultraviolet Model AUD300C or Model AUD500C detector. The Model AUR300C controls its built-in flame relay while constantly driving the shutter of the UV detector to check for any malfunction in itself or the UV detector. If the detector or amplifier circuit fails for any reason, the relay shuts itself off automatically and secures the safety of the systems. Inspection certification and tropicalization treatment options are available depending on the model. Communication option available with the Model AUR350C. No UL/FM approvals

      Azbil Model: AUR450C Dynamic Self-Checking Burner Controllers is a flame safeguard controller for batch or continuous operation. In combination with the Model AUD300C Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detector or the Model AUD500C Explosion-Proof Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detector, it safely and automatically ignites and monitors a gas or oil burner using the correct sequence of steps. This device monitors combustion while continuously checking the Model AUD300C/500C tube unit and the flame detection circuits by driving the shutter of the Model AUD300C/500C. For routine maintenance, the front of the Model AUR450C has a helpful 7-segment display, and the device is equipped with a communications function. The 7-segment display shows flame voltage, sequence codes, and alarm codes. Inspection certification and tropicalization treatment options are available depending on the model. UL/FM/CE/CSA Approved.

      The Model: AUR890 Burner Controllers were developed to replace the RA890 and are designed for batch operation of combustion equipment (At least one cycle start and stop in each 24 hour period). In combination with the Model AUD100 Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detectors or Flame Rod assembly, the Model AUR890 automatically executes ignition, flame monitoring, and fuel shutoff for on/off controlled gas burners or oil burners. UL/FM Approved models available.

    • Gas Flow Measurement and Control

      Azbil’s products with mass flow sensors provide gas flow measurement and control with quick response, low pressure drops, and wide measurement ranges.

    • Micro Flow Liquid Flow Meters

      The Azbil Model F7M Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter measures a wide range of fluids that do not corrode quartz glass or fluorocarbon resin in industries such as beverages, cosmetics, and water. Applications include: filling (Ex. electrolytic solution), mixing/diluting (Ex. cleaning solutions, chemical agents), spraying (Ex. release agents, steam and sterilization solutions, flux), coating (Ex. Resist solutions, coating agents, flux sealants, circulating (Ex. coolants, lubricants), and extracting/dispensing (Ex. Test reagents, diluted solutions, cleaning solutions in the Biomedical, Bioprocessing, Laboratory Automation, Life Sciences, Liquid Handling Systems, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, and Water Treatment Industries. Measuring the flow rate allows for more reliable data management by replacing alternative measures, such as managing the pump rotation speed, measuring the weight, and managing the fluid supply time. In addition, with event functions, it is possible to detect empty pipes and the presence of bubbles and monitors the status of pulsation.

      The New Model F7M_-KIT- Low Flow Starter Kit contains a flowmeter, fittings, accessories, and loader program to go straight from unpacking to bench testing or immediate usage in your application.

      *Only use with fluids that do not clog the flow path or damage the glass tube or corrode the wetted part materials. If any liquid adheres to the inner surface of the flow path, a measurement error will occur. In addition, if there are bubbles in the fluid or pulsations, output fluctuations or shifts may occur, depending on the amount.

    • Recorders

      Various types of recorders are available including ARF Paperless and SR chart (+SD cards) recorders. The ARF100/ARF200 series paperless recorders come equipped with various recording formats and display functions. The SR Series two-in-one hybrid recorders can record data on chart paper and in a digital format on an SD card at the same time, ready for field use.

    • Sensors

      Azbil offers a wide variety of sensors that meet a diverse range of needs. These include measurement sensors, photoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors, seismic sensors and more.

    • Switches

      Basic switches, limit switches, safety switches, explosion-proof and more, our offering includes a wide variety of switches and sensors that continuously meet a diverse range of needs.

    • Temperature Controllers

      We provide a diverse range of temperature controllers that can be used for high speed and capacity applications and to tie instrumentation and sensors into the plant network and monitoring systems via Ethernet, EtherCAT, and serial communication.