Industrial Automation

  • Advanced Temperature Transmitters

    Azbil’s ATT082 Advanced Temperature Transmitter provides a high level of functionality, versatility and safety for the most critical applications in your operation.

  • Advanced Transmitter for Pressure

    Proven quality and stability, the  Advanced pressure and differential pressure transmitters dependably function for extended periods of time and were developed by combining the latest technologies with Azbil’s excellent performance record.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters

    Azbil’s high-efficiency electromagnetic flowmeters can be applied to a wide-range of applications. Based on technologies that were fostered by our long-time amassed experience and performance records, these industry proven come in a large array of sizes and liners.

  • Gauge Pressure Transmitter

    Azbil provides various types of pressure transmitters developed using technologies based on our long developed performance record. The compact, lightweight, and high-performance Model:PTG*** pressure transmitter is a microprocessor-equipped product with semiconductor pressure sensors.

  • Level Management

    Our compact level transmitters feature higher performance for all kinds of fine powder, and bulk solids as well as liquid applications. They can be specified for optimal performance in high temperature, high pressure, corrosive, steam, airborne dust, and turbulence conditions.

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters

  • Valves & Positioners

    We offer highly reliable control valves and cutting-edge smart valve positioners with protocols such as HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus, to continuously service diverse business needs.

  • Vortex Flow Meters

    Multivariable function from a single meter

    The Azbil AX2200 In-Line and the AX2300 Insertion Vortex Flow Meters provide a reliable solution for process flow measurement. From a single entry point in the pipeline, AX2000 Series meters offer precise measurements of mass or volumetric flow rates. Multivariable functionality from a single meter ensure optimal cost savings and simple installations.