Burner Controller Model AUR

Azbil AUR300C Series is an Advanced Ultraviolet Burner Controller with a dynamic self-checking function, is used in combination with the Advanced Ultraviolet AUD300C or AUD500C detector. The AUR300C controls its built-in flame relay while constantly driving the shutter of the UV detector to check for any malfunction in itself or the UV detector. If the detector or amplifier circuit fails for any reason the relay shuts itself off automatically and secures the safety of the systems. Inspection certification and tropicalization treatment options available depending on the model. Communication option available with the AUR350C. No UL/FM approvals

Azbil AUR450C series of Dynamic Self-Checking Burner Controllers is a flame safeguard controller for batch or continuous operation. In combination with the AUD300C Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detector or the AUD500C Explosion-Proof Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detector, it safely and automatically ignites and monitors a gas or oil burner using the correct sequence of steps. This device monitors combustion while continuously checking the AUD300C/500C tube unit and the flame detection circuits by driving the shutter of the AUD300C/500C. For routine maintenance, the front of the AUR450C has a helpful 7-segment display, and the device is equipped with a communications function. The 7-segment display shows flame voltage, sequence codes, and alarm codes. Inspection certification and tropicalization treatment options available depending on the model. UL/FM/CE/CSA Approved.

The AUR890 Series of Burner Controllers were developed to replace the RA890 and are designed for batch operation of combustion equipment (At least one cycle start and stop in each 24 hour period). In combination with the AUD100 series Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detectors or Flame Rod assembly the AUR890 automatically executes ignition, flame monitoring and fuel shut off for on/off controlled gas burners or oil burners. UL/FM Approved models available

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