Azbil Model CMC15G Multifunction Gateway Communication Controllers can connect to Azbil’s digital indicating controllers and flowmeters to host units, including PLCs from other manufacturers. The CMC15GD01A000 advanced model has a logging function. The logging functions (trend, data log, and event log) are helpful for analyzing device failures and carrying out maintenance. You can easily monitor or edit data in the dedicated log viewer. (Available separately)

The Model CMC15G Multifunction Gateway Communication Controller has an RD-232C interface (1 channel), RS-485 interface (3 channels), a dedicated loader port for connection to PC, and A USB port. The controller is easy to set up – setting up simple communication parameters; data can be shared between devices, and instructions can be issued to a controller. Anyone can easily create applications using a dedicated PD application (gateway editor). Types of data, PLC register assignments, and execution timing can be freely set. This product provides flexibility for your system operations. For example, you can select communication cycles according to data update priorities or specific the offer of writing settings. The gateway editor, provided as a PC application, enables you to monitor communication between devices. This function is helpful for onsite adjustments and debugging, including checking the communication execution cycle and pinpointing errors in settings that cause communication problems.