Azbil offers a wide variety of sensors that meet a diverse range of needs. These include measurement sensors, photoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors, seismic sensors and more.

  • Measurement Sensors

  • Photoelectric Sensors (Photoelectric Switches)

    Photoelectric sensors detect objects by reflection or shielding of visible or invisible rays. Switches with built-in amplifiers and fiber switches are available. Azbil’s product line includes General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors with Self-Contained Amplifiers, Fiber Optic Photoelectric Sensors, and Wet Process Sensors and Fiber Units.

    Azbil General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors with Self-Contained Amplifiers have integrated optical systems, amplifiers, and control circuits. We offer a wide variety of types, including thru-scan, diffuse-scan, and retroreflective.
    Our Fiber Optic Photoelectric Sensors offer good usability and a high level of performance. The Amplifier Unit (HPX) and Optical Fiber Unit (HPF) combine to form a Fiber Optic Photoelectric Sensor.
    Azbil’s Wet Process and Fiber units are specialized optical fiber sensors used primarily in the semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing process to detect the dropping of minuscule parts, detect parts for wafer mapping, and detect fluid leakage or the position of the surface of the liquid.

  • Pressure Sensors

  • Proximity Sensors

    Induction proximity sensors (proximity switches) provide contactless detection of the presence of a metal object.

    We offer cylindrical and square, compact, unshielded, DC two-wire, DC three-wire, AC-DC, connector connection models, and models for specific environments, such as coolant-resistant, spatter-resistant, and aluminum-powder-resistant models.

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors