Azbil offers a wide variety of sensors that meet a diverse range of needs. These include measurement sensors, photoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors, seismic sensors and more.

  • Liquid Flow Meters

    Azbil F7M Micro Flow Liquid Flow Meters use a thermal flow sensor to monitor liquid flow rates under 30 mL/min: measurement flow range 0.1 to 10 mL/min, or 0.3 to 30 mL/min depending on the model. Can be used with various fluids that do not corrode quartz glass or fluorocarbon resin – reference fluid is water (H2O). Compliant with IP65 protection rating. The non-metallic outer surface gives this product increased resistance to corrosives. No display (equipped with an LED status indicator), flow path material: fused silica glass, PFA, PTFE, signal type: analog output, digital input, digital output, waterproof connector: HR30-6R-6P(71)

  • Measurement Sensors

  • Photoelectric Sensors

  • Pressure

  • Proximity Sensors

  • RTD

  • Temperature and Humidity