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Industrial Automation
Phone: 866-736-7672 or 602-216-8199

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TDC2000 Hiway Life Extension Program (HLEP)


Program Mission

Restore your Data Hiway system to its original performance and reliability in a cost-effective manner with the Azbil HLEP program. The program provides for minimal process disruptions while preserving your existing investment in hardware enclosures, field wiring, software and most importantly, your high-value intellectual property.

Automation technology is progressing at a furious pace and a variety of standards efforts are underway. Azbil’s HLEP program provides Data Hiway users an opportunity to observe these developments from the “sidelines,” without the need to commit to any particular platform or approach until you are fully prepared and ready to do so.

Azbil provides a complete suite of service offerings including:

  • The availability of highly skilled regional engineers with in-depth knowledge of the Data Hiway system and its operation
  • The ability to proactively analyze system performance and robustness and provide recommendations for improvement
  • The ability to train and maintain detailed system knowledge at your site
  • 24/7 access to knowledgeable resources and more

HLEP is a tailored service and support solution that meets your specific needs for today and tomorrow with a willingness on our part to work as a team with all sites, worldwide.

For more information about the HLEP program:



Azbil (formerly Yamatake-Honeywell) was a co-developer and is a co-owner of the Data Hiway products. Azbil has retained the original Data Hiway factory capabilities and therefore can manufacture "factory new" parts and systems.

Additionally, Azbil is offering newly designed electronics that utilize advanced components and circuit designs to reduce both the number of components on the card (to enhance reliability and decrease power consumption) and the number of different cards required (to reduce spare parts requirements).

These new products are fully backward compatible with currently installed Data Hiway systems and therefore require no system modifications for their use.

These newly designed parts are currently in stock at Azbil’s parts depots.

Azbil North America