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Corporate Headquarters
Azbil North America, Inc.
9033 N. 24th Ave, Suite 5
Phoenix, AZ 85021

Industrial Automation
Phone: 866-736-7672 or 602-216-8199

Control Products
Phone: 866-736-7671 or 602-216-8188
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BioMed / Life Science

Azbil North America offers components and instrumentation for Biomed / Life Science applications across the US, Canada, and Mexico. These include Liquid Leak and Level Detectors, Low Flow Liquid Flow Meters, Gas Mass Flow Meters, Digital Mass Flow Controllers, Fiber Optic Photoelectric Sensors, Process Controllers and more to OEMs and manufacturers.

Blending, coating, dosing, diluting, dispensing, extracting, filling, mixing, liquid handling systems, and spraying applications associated with sterilization, DNA sequencers, protein sequencers, bioreactors, liquid chromatography, are just some of the applications where our products add value across different industries:

  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Bioprocessing
Azbil North America