Basic switches, limit switches, safety switches, explosion-proof and more, our offering includes a wide variety of switches and sensors that continuously meet a diverse range of needs.

  • Limit Switches

    A wide selection Azbil limit switches are available for installation in highly diverse rugged environments (e.g., in a hydrogen gas atmosphere, outdoors, and underwater). Models are available that are spatter-guarded, high-temperature, low-temperature, explosion-proof, and safe for marine/salt environments, among others depending on the model. Our limit switches are widely used in general industrial machinery, various industrial plants, outdoor equipment, and designated explosion-proof equipment. They have sealed-in internal switches that ensure high sealing performance and a robust structure. Select the optimal limit switch for your application and installation environment.

  • Safety Switches

    Azbil offers a wide range of Safety Interlock Switch models with a forced opening mechanism, including compact plastic, die-cast, plastic, and solid compact plastic with solenoid lock with UL/CSA/CE markings, and a superior IP67 seal with a wide operating temperature range of – 17° F to 158º F (-25° C to 70° C)The switches are compatible with a straight, right angle, and adjustable tongued keys. Tongued Keys are sold separately.