Digital Mass Flow Controllers

Azbil model MQV_ _ _ _ Digital Mass Flow Controller for Hydrogen and Helium Gases features high-performance mass flow controllers that incorporate a thermal mass flow sensor developed by Azbil Corporation. The µF (Micro Flow) sensors, in addition to a proportional solenoid valve and advanced actuator control technology. Advanced 300 ms* high-speed control can be used for low differential pressure work. The ultra-high-speed response Micro Flow sensor and unique PID tuning realize exceptionally high-speed response in reaching the set flow rate from a fully closed state. The model MQV _ _ _ _ also responds quickly to changes in the primary pressure, minimizing the effect on the flow rate on the secondary side. Selectable control range, power circuit isolation, and emphasis on usability.

The model MQV_ _ _ _does not use capillaries that have large pressure loss so that they can control the low-pressure difference. The model MQV_ _ _ _ comes with a multitude of standard functions such as flow rate, indication, and totalizing. A convenient personal computer loader function is integrated as a standard feature. The model MLP loader software, which is sold separately, allows not only configuration of various settings but also monitoring of flow rate trends and other operating status information on the PC screen. Acquired data can be saved on a CSV file. The power circuit is isolated from analog I/O circuits. If multiple MQV_ _ _ _ controllers are connected to analog I/O by a PLC or the like, there is no need to use an isolated circuit in the analog module on the PLC side. A common power supply can be used to supply power to the Controller. MQV_ _ _ _ controllers can operate at an allowed differential pressure of 50 kPa or less. An AC adaptor is available that is suitable for use in a laboratory setting or similar applications. The display direction can be changed 180 degrees on models with an integrated display. Pipe size (B) ¼” and ½.” Flow range .5 L/min to 200 L/min. Operating temperature 14 °F (-10 °C) to 140 °F (60 °C). Operating humidity 10 to 90% RH, no condensation allowed. Output 0-5V dc / 1 – 5 V dc / 0-20MA dc 4 – 20 mA dc (selectable). CE approved.

*500 ms for the MQV9005/9200/9050B and C, 700 ms for the MQV0050/0200/0500/1000J and K.
*500 ms for the MQV9005/9200/9050B and C, 700 ms for the MQV0050/0200/0500/1000J and K”

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