Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detectors

Azbil Model AUD100 Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detectors consists of dedicated sockets designed to monitor Batch operation oil or gas burner combustion by detecting ultraviolet light emitted by the AUD15 tube units. Excellent environmental specifications (120 °C, IP65 protection) Wiring distance 200 m max.

The Model AUD120C120_/AUD120C121_ is a dedicated socket for the tube unit Model AUD15C100 for batch operation and is designed for monitoring combustion by detecting ultraviolet rays from oil or gas burner flames. Tube unit Model AUD15C1000 is not included with this product. Please purchase it in addition to this product. Azbil Mode lAUD300C Advanced Ultrasonic Flame Detectors are designed to detect ultraviolet radiation from an oil or gas burner flame for both batch and continuous operations.

The Model AUD300C is used in combination with a dedicated burner controller. By means of the built-in shutter, any malfunction of the UV flame detector or burner controllers is detected by continuous self-checking (Dynamic Self -Check) function, ensuring highly reliable combustion safety control. Ambient temperature 100°C, IP66, vertical mounting possible, and wiring distance 200 m Max. Condensing lens available depending on the model. Inspection certification and tropicalization treatment options are also available, depending on the model. UL/FM approved when combined with the Model AUR450C Burner Controllers.

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