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SVP3000 Smart Valve Positioner

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Improves process control

High accuracy and high resistance to vibration improve control valve performance, allowing tighter process control and reduction in product variability

Improves Productivity

Easy-to-use fully automatic set-up and calibration, with diagnosis, makes these tasks easier and able to be completed in less time

Reduces spares

Single universal model applies to most valve applications

SVP3000 Smart Valve Positioner

SVP3000 Smart Valve Positioner.


  • Compact, rugged, and lightweight
  • Optional valve travel position transmitter : 4-20mA
  • Configurable low flow cut-off
  • Integral Auto-Manual bypass switch
  • Split range setting
  • Configurable valve output characterization for unique application.
  • Communication:
    • – HART (Model AVP302)
    • – Foundation Fieldbus (Model AVP 303)

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