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Advanced Temperature Transmitter Model: ATT082

Advanced Temperature Transmitter Model: ATT082

Azbil’s Model ATT082 Advanced Temperature Transmitter provides a high level of functionality, versatility, and safety for the most critical applications in your operation. The Model ATT082 can operate as a single or dual input device with HART® communication.  You can select between dual measurements, hot sensor back-up, differential temperature measurement, sensor drift detection, or average temperature in the dual mode. It is certified by TUV to IEC1508 for use in Safety Instrumented Systems.

These compact and lightweight smart temperature transmitters receive thermocouple input, RTD input, or mV input and transmit it as a 4–20 mA DC or digital signal. They can be used with general-purpose signal cables, like other transmitters for flow or pressure measurement, eliminating the need for compensation wires or three-wire shielded cables, reducing the cost of engineering work increasing the reliability of signal transmission. Self-diagnosis and range setting changes can be done remotely via communication. The optional built-in digital indicator makes it possible to check the temperature or device malfunctions in the field.


 Product Overview

  • High Accuracy: see specification for full details based on input type Dual Channel functionality
  • Advanced Diagnostics
    • Sensor failure
    • Sensor drift
    • Corrosion of terminals
    • Low voltage detection
  • Diagnostics per NAMUR NE107
  • LCD local indicator provides both process data and diagnostics information
  • Safe operation in hazardous areas options:
    • FM IS, NI
    • ATTEX II
    • IECEx
  • Several mounting versions and sensor connection combinations available.

HART® is a registered trademark of FieldComm Group

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