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SonoPro® Clamp-on/Insertion Ultrasonic Flow Meter: Model: U42

SonoPro® Clamp-on/Insertion Ultrasonic Flow Meter: Model: U42

The SonoPro®  Model U42 is a wall-mount, clamp-on or insertion type ultrasonic flow meter using transit time technology. Clamp-on type ultrasonic flow meters are easy to install and do not require shutting down or cutting the pipe, saving you trouble and cost. Insertion type ultrasonic flow meters allow measurement of pipes that are not compatible with the clamp-on type. The SonoPro®  Model U42 uses our unique calculation software to ensure high accuracy and low velocity response.

Available with clamp on or insertion sensors.

The SonoPro®  Model U42 clamp on ultrasonic meter is a cost effective and non-invasive solution to your metering needs. The clamp on features allows you to easily install a metering solution anywhere in the facility. Since these are attached to the outside of the pipe, they can be easily relocated without having to shut down your process.

The ultrasonic waves are transmitted through the pipe and fluid in the following two directions: upstream and downstream or with and against flow. The fluid velocity is calculated with the difference in the time measurement for each signal. With the fluid velocity and the pipe size, the meter can calculate the fluid flow rate.

The SonoPro®  Model U42 can provide energy measurements in BTU for various water applications, such as heating and cooling.

Typical flow measurement applications include but are not limited to heating and cooling water, industrial water flow, municipal water, and agricultural flow.

When selection a flowmeter, please consult the sizing program. This easy to use tool leads you through the process and recommends the best instrument for your flow application. 

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