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High Accuracy Mass Flow Controllers with High – Speed Response

High Accuracy Mass Flow Controllers with High – Speed Response

Azbil Model F4Q high-accuracy mass flow controller offers a high-speed response (0.3 seconds for a wide range of flow rates), low-pressure loss, and high accuracy digital mass flow control. They are equipped with a large LCD display and operation keys. Checking data onsite instantaneously is effortless – the control status can be quickly understood by the color and state of the large LED indicator, and the display can be rotated in 4 directions for easy reading. The mass flow controller has 1% S.P. accuracy over a wide flow rate range (2 mL/min to 50 L/min depending on the model), even at low flow rates with 1% F.S. accuracy. CE marked.

Models with fluororubber gaskets and EPDM gaskets are available. The models with fluororubber gaskets can control air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, city gas (45 M.J./m3), methane (100%), propane (100%), and butane (100%) gases. The controller can be programmed to handle mixed gases. The models with EPDM gaskets can control acetylene (C2H2), air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide. Operating temperature from 14 to 140 °F ( -10 to 60 °C).

The model F4Q uses a built-in sensor and valve to control gas flow rates. These are ideal for production sites for machinery, automobiles, electrical/electronic equipment, semiconductors, etc., in manufacturing equipment that requires high-accuracy flow control of gas use mass flow. Applications include brazing and burner work, gas cutting, baking furnaces for the MLCCs, gas carburizing furnaces, culture apparatus, and experimental environment. To cope with a decrease in the number of skilled workers and to meet the higher quality requirements due to the miniaturization of electronic components, automatic gas flow rate control with mass flow controllers is becoming more popular than manual control with needle valves. With the Model F4Q mass flow controller, no other systems are necessary to check and control the status.

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