Flame Safeguard Systems

RX-R40/20 Burner Control Model

RX-R40/20 Burner Control Model.

The RX40/20, in combination with the RX-L burner interlock module and flame detector, handles ignition operations and flame monitoring. If the burner flame goes out, this module safely executes shutoff. This product supports a variety of flame detectors including the Advanced UV Detector (for continuous/batch operation) as well as flame rods. There are 11 open collector outputs to be used for monitoring, which can be assigned to handle alarms such as ignition failure or flame failure, in addition to the status of the load. These monitor outputs can be directed to the control panel lamps so that the status and situation can be checked onsite during the maintenance or when a sudden problem arises. These functions can be selected easily using the computer loader, without the use of special programs.

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