Flame Safeguard Systems

RX-L80/90 Burner Interlock Module

RX-L80/90 Burner Interlock Module.

The RX-L80/90, in combination with the burner control module (RX-R), executes burner interlock monitoring and prepurge functions. There are 16 inputs for burner interlock. In addition to interlock input, this module can handle batch starting of multiple burners or batch ignition of multiple pilot burners. Status information such as state of the interlocks, alarms, completed purges, etc. can be assigned to 22 transistor outputs and utilized by outputting it to control panel indicator lamps or to a PLC for status monitoring. These functions can be selected easily using the computer loader, without the use of special programs. This product is equipped with RS485 or Ethernet (only RX-L90) for communication. Remote monitoring is possible with this device.

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