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Pipe-mounted liquid level switches with built-in amplifier

Just by mounting the switch on a pipe, the surface of the liquid can be easily detected.

HPQ-T1/T2 models are also available with a 5 m cable. For models that fit 1/16-inch diameter pipes, please contact a sales representative.


  • Reliable detection
  • Operation panel is located on the side.
  • Fits various pipe diameters
  • The same model can be used for upper or lower limit detection.

HPQ-T Series

Reliable detection
Refraction-based detection ensures sufficient gain between light-ON and dark-ON light levels. This switch is also suitable for liquids with poor light transmission (such as photoresist liquid and waste fluids).

Fits various pipe diameters
Switches fit on pipes with diameters of 1/16 inch, 3 to 7 mm, and 8 to 13 mm. They can be mounted using a cable tie or M3 screw.

Operation panel on the side
Indicator and operation selector switch are located on the side. Even when switches are gang-mounted, they can be adjusted while viewing the indicator.
Same model handles upper or lower

Limit Detection
Note: For pipe diameters of 8 mm or less, please contact us. switches with adjustable sensitivity are also available.

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