The undersigned understand(s) all of the conditions for use of content and logo will comply with them. Upon request from Azbil Corporation to stop using the logo, its use will be stopped immediately.
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Application for Use of Corporate, Controlled Original, and Copyrighted Works

We would like to receive permission to use works belonging to your company, as described below. We agree to comply with the conditions stated below and any conditions written on "Notice Regarding Application to Use Copyrighted Works.”

Conditions for Use

The applicant must have the user explicitly identify the source of the work

(except for the azbil logo.)

The applicant must not allow the authorized user to modify the work.

The applicant must not allow the user to use the work in a medium not specified in the application, or to supply the work to a third party.

Before you use Azbil Corporation’s copyrighted work, the way that it is used must be checked and approved by Azbil Corporation.

The applicant must submit to Azbil Corporation one copy of the published document (etc.) that uses the work

The applicant and the user must jointly bear the responsibility for any results of the use of the work.

I understand that, unless otherwise stipulated, use beyond the above period requires reapplication in December of every year.

Instructions for Use of the Azbil Logo

Please be aware that regarding the use of the azbil logo, the signature of the actual user is required. 

The azbil logo is the corporate brand and symbol of the azbil Group. Its use is therefore limited to azbil Group companies in principle. 

As an exception, a company not belonging to the azbil Group may use the azbil logo if and only if all of the following conditions are met. Please read the following conditions carefully. If all of the conditions are acceptable, an appropriate individual should sign this document and return it to Azbil Corporation.   If, in the judgment of Azbil Corporation, the intended use of the logo is acceptable, a copy of the azbil logo will be sent to you. Please note that submission of this application does not guarantee permission to use the logo. Permission may be denied, depending on the details of the application.

  1. Cases in which the logo may be used

The use of the azbil logo is limited to the cases below.  It is never permitted in other cases.

(1) When it is used to indicate Azbil Corporation or an azbil Group company.

(2) When it is used as a link to Azbil Corporation’s website or to the website of an azbil Group company.

  1. Manner of use

(1) The manner of use must be such that the logo’s function as indicating Azbil Corporation or an azbil Group company will be understood.

(2) When the logo is used as a link to our website, it must link to the top page. Also, the logo’s function as a link must be understandable. For example, the logo may be put on a “Links” page.

  1. Appearance (etc.) of the azbil logo

(1) The logo’s shape must not be changed. Cutting and using only a part of the logo, or changing its aspect ratio, is prohibited.

(2) Reusing the logo by copying it, cutting and pasting it, tracing it from a printed document, etc., is prohibited.

(3) The logo must be used in its single color without gradation.

(4) Leave enough space around the azbil logo.

(5) Do not use the azbil logo by combining it with characters, images, drawings, etc.

  1. Prohibitions

The use of the azbil logo in the following ways is strictly prohibited.

(1) Using it as a symbol of your company, or to mislead a third party into thinking that it is a symbol of your company

(2) Using it to mislead a third party into thinking that it symbolizes your company’s business

(3) Using it to mislead a third party into thinking that your company has a capital relationship or other special relationship with the azbil Group

(4) Using it for your company’s goods or those of a third party (for example, affixing it to products)

(5) Using it on your company’s business card, envelope, commercial vehicle, uniform, etc. (except after application and approval)

(6) Having a third party use the logo

(7) In addition to the above, using the logo to undermine confidence in the azbil Group or to damage its image

  1. Important notes

(1) Even if submission of this document results in permission to use the azbil logo, Azbil Corporation does not thereby grant any right to use other than those set forth herein.

(2) The use of the azbil logo should stop when the necessity for use ceases.

(3) Azbil Corporation reserves the right to request cessation of the use of the azbil logo without prior notice, regardless of the reason.  Upon receipt of such a request, usage of the logo must cease immediately.

(4) When use of the azbil logo ends, the logo must be deleted (removed, etc.).