Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Azbil provides various types of pressure transmitters developed using technologies based on our long developed performance record.

Azbil PTG Smart Pressure Transmitter is a high-performance, highly reliable gauge pressure transmitter. Based on Azbil Corporation’s proven Smart Transmitter technologies, the PTG offers improved performance and reliability with size, weight and cost advantages. An optional built-in digital indicator allows the pressure transmitter to be used in a wide variety of applications. The model PTG can also execute two-way communications between communications, thus facilitating self-diagnosis, range resetting and automatic zero/span adjustment. The transmitter is compact and lightweight – approximately 0.9 kg (screw option type). Any range can be set using the Smart communicator or the HART communicator option. This further increases range flexibility and keeps inventory down. CE Marked. Water and dustproof for IEC IP67, TIIS Explosion-proof, FM Explosion-proof, FM Dust-ignition-proof, KCs Flame-proof, NEPSI Flame-proof, and NEPSI Dust ignition-proof models available. For assistance contact Azbil North America.

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