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Corporate Headquarters
Azbil North America, Inc.
9033 N. 24th Ave, Suite 5
Phoenix, AZ 85021

Industrial Automation
Phone: 866-736-7672 or 602-216-8199

Control Products
Phone: 866-736-7671 or 602-216-8188
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The Azbil Group’s History and Businesses

Azbil Group’s Business Expansion | Azbil Groups History Businesses | Corporate Philosophy / Symbol / Policies

Since its founding as the “Yamatake Shyokai” engineering trading company in 1906, the azbil Group has pursued measurement and control technologies while delivering unique solutions. Today, we pursue human-centered automation with the aim of realizing people’s peace of mind, comfort, and sense of achievement as well as safeguarding the global environment. Specifically, we are expanding our building automation business in the building market, advanced automation business in the factory and plant market, and life automation business in the lifeline, health, and other markets closely related to daily living. We are also aggressively expanding our businesses in overseas markets to achieve further growth.

Azbil North America