C7G Multi-loop Controller with Multifunction Display.



Series is a multi-loop controller with a remote mountable display for PID control of temperature, pressure, flow rate, pH, and liquid levels.  The controller is capable of up to four loop controls and consists of a display unit with 3.5-inch QVGA LCD and touch panel.  It has an input sampling cycle of 10 ms and an indication accuracy of ± 0.1%FS.  A wide variety of interfaces such as Ethernet, serial communication (RS-485), microSD memory card, Micro USB port, and DI/DO (7 points) are equipped as standard.  The setting, operation, and monitoring can be performed easily using the display unit or remotely through the Smart Loader Package.

The C7G has the ability diagnosis a system “health index” by storing loop soundness parameters in batches to compare against initial values therefore enabling the predictive failure detection of equipment.