Flame Safeguard Systems

S720B1006 High Power Igniter

S720B1006 High Power Igniter.

Azbil S720B1006 High Power Igniter serves as the OEM equivalent model for the Honeywell Q652 and are used to ignite gas burners in commercial and industrial applications. They ignite interrupted gas pilots with ignition electrodes spacings between 0.029 to 0.125 inches (0.7 to 3.2 mm). Recommended for interrupted ignition applications only. The S720B1006 can be mounted in any position. The units mount in the same space used by conventional ignition transformer. Weighs .93 pound (0.42 kilogram) versus up to 8 ½ pounds (3.9 kilograms) for standard transformers. The S720B1006 has a 10 year service life and meets UL requirements.

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