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CV 3000 – Model ACP Control Valve

CV 3000 – Model ACP Control Valve

CV 3000 – Model ACP Control Valve.


The model ACP pressure-balanced cage type control valve are designed for heavy duty service.


The compact valve body of the ACP, which features an S-shape flow passage that provides a minimal amount of pressure loss, allows a large flow capacity, rangeability, and high accuracy flow characteristics. The valve plug employs a pressure balance function to control high differential pressure with small actuator force. The model ACP includes a seal ring and a scraper ring between the valve plug and the cage. The former reduces seat leakage and the latter keeps the sliding section clean and free of foreign substances. Its simple design utilizes a compact yet powerful diaphragm actuator loaded with multiple springs. The model ACP control valves are widely applicable for reliable control of small flows in high or low temperature, high pressure process lines.

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