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Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Model F7M

Combining a thermal MEMS sensor that is commonly used for gas flow meters and a flow path that is made of highly corrosion-resistant quartz glass, the product can measure both instantaneous and totalized flow value of micro flow rates under 30 mL/min, which is difficult to do with a high degree of reproducibility using traditional measurement methods. Compared with conventional methods, the measurement method used by this new product is less susceptible to changes in the fluid state (e.g., bubbles, pulsations, and fluid temperature) (although it may be necessary to change the settings parameters), and micro flow rates can be measured easily. Measuring the flow rates allows for more reliable data management by replacing alternative measures, such as managing the pump rotation speed, measuring the weight, and managing the fluid supply time. In addition, with the event functions it is possible to detect empty pipes and the presence of bubbles, and to monitor the status of pulsation.

Measures 30 mL/min or lower

Compact, light-weight, and easy to install

Flexible installation and wide range of fluids

Straight flow path

Azbil North America